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Serving most of King and Snohomish Counties, including the Greater Eastside since 1983.

Top Rated Mole Removal Process

Based on our extensive experience and analyzing what does and does not work, we have taken mole extermination to its highest level.

Prompt Service to Quickly Get Rid of Moles

Initial installation on your property normally occurs within two business days after you place your order. Thereafter, we usually return to service your property each week (approximately every 5-10 days).

6 Month Limited Warranty

We will come back, reinstall our equipment and waive the setup fee if you have new mole activity within 6 months of the ORIGINAL invoice date.

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What We Do

Experience Driven Mole Removal Process

Property Survey & Installation

Property Survey & Installation

During the initial visit, our professional technician surveys your property, evaluates the ground mole activity, and then installs and secures our equipment to ensure optimal results.

Extermination & Adjustments

Extermination & Adjustments

We will service your property every 5-10 days after our initial installation. During each visit, we will dispose of any ground moles caught and adjust our equipment as necessary. Caught moles are buried in their tunnel system and marked with flag.

Equipment Removal & Warranty

Equipment Removal & Warranty

When we've successfully neutralized your ground mole problem, we pull our equipment and leave you with a mole-free property that is covered by a 6-month limited warranty.

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Outstanding service and outstanding results. Staff was helpful, informative, and resolved our ground mole problem; where no other method or service was able to.

Holly  |  Everett, WA

Thanks for helping us new home owners to get rid of the mole that caused havoc in our yard. A job well done.

Naren  |  Sammamish, WA

When I need to hire a “hit” man again, you’re my man! I’ve also given your name to a friend to get rid of his moles!

Judy  |  Issaquah, WA

Thanks for doing a terrific job ridding our yard of moles!

Melanie  |  Redmond, WA

Thank you for coming so quickly. You did a great job of taking the “plug” out for the device and then putting it back. Thank you again.

Carol  |  Bothell, WA

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