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How to Catch a Mole? Call The Professionals.

Ground mole extermination at most residential properties is a straightforward process. When we receive your service request, one of our professional technicians will come to your property within 7 business days.

Unless you have a large estate with an unusually significant mole infestation, we get to work evaluating the problem and setting our equipment the same day to put an end to your moles. For large properties or infestations, we’re happy to provide a quote before getting to work.

Our Professional Ground Mole Extermination and Elimination Service.

Through extensive experience and analysis of what works and doesn’t, we have taken mole extermination to its highest level. Learn more about our process below.

Property Survey & Installation Property Survey & Installation

Property Survey & Installation

During the initial visit, our professional technician surveys your property, evaluates the ground mole activity, and then installs and secures our equipment to ensure optimal results.

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Extermination & Adjustments Extermination & Adjustments

Extermination & Adjustments

We will service your property every 5-10 days after our initial installation. During each visit, we will dispose of any ground moles caught and adjust our equipment as necessary. Caught moles are buried in their tunnel system and marked with a flag.

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Equipment Removal & Warranty Equipment Removal & Warranty

Equipment Removal & Warranty

When we've successfully neutralized your ground mole problem, we pull our equipment and leave you with a mole-free property that is covered by a 6-month limited warranty.

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Areas We Serve



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Mole Patrol, You’ve done it again Two more in the pen. Let’s hope they’re all gone And no more lumps in the lawn. Thanks.

Bonnie  |  Mill Creek, WA

The moles were destroying my lawn so I called The Mole Patrol. They came out the next day, set traps and caught two moles immediately.

Teddi  |  Bellevue, WA

Thank you for coming to our home so quickly and laying your equipment so expertly.

Karen  |  Snohomish, WA

I was skeptical at first, but they got rid of my horrible mole problem. What's best is that the moles never came back

Flavius  |  Bothell, WA

With thanks for your wonderful, prompt service.

Jo  |  Shoreline, WA