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Mole Patrol Pricing

Greater Seattle Area Mole Exterminator Prices

For most properties* we charge an initial equipment setup fee of $130 plus an additional charge of $80 per mole caught. We DO NOT charge weekly or 'per trip' fees. So, if we catch one mole your cost is $210; two moles is $290; three moles is $370, and so on, adding $80 for each additional mole that we catch.

*We sometimes have to charge more than one setup fee for large properties with extensive mole activity. In that event, we will contact you for your approval before we proceed.

How many moles do you have?

Almost 60% of customers have only one or two moles. In a typical year, we average just under 5 moles per customer, including warranty orders.  It's nature and there are just too many variables for us to predict how many moles you will have. The number of molehills in your yard is rarely a good indicator of how many moles live there. However, moles are territorial, meaning they don't like each other very much. So, although your lawn may look like a war zone, an average residential-size lot usually has only two or three moles. 

3-Month Limited Warranty

If you have new mole activity within 3 months of the original invoice date we will come back, reinstall the equipment and waive the setup fee. However, you will still be charged the “per mole” fee for each additional mole that we catch.  Warranties are valid from the original invoice date and are not "renewed" with each service order during the warranty period.

Ground Moles Tearing Up Your Yard and Garden?

Mole Patrol technicians are experts at capturing your lawn and garden moles. Contact us today to schedule a mole extermination visit in or near Seattle, WA. For more information on the areas we service, click here.