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What Happens After We Get Rid of Your Ground Moles?

Uninstalling Our Equipment

When fresh ground mole activity ceases and our professional technician is satisfied that all moles on your property have been eliminated, they will remove all equipment and report the mole extermination plan as successfully completed.

Your Satisfaction Is Paramount

We provide a six month limited warranty, beginning on the invoice date of the original order, which waives the setup fee. So, if you have new mole activity within the warranty period, call or notify us using the orange 'REQUEST FOR SERVICE' button below. We will immediately come out, perform a complete site evaluation and reinstall our equipment as necessary.  We treat this as a resumption of service and only charge our standard “per mole” extermination fee for each additional ground mole caught.

Looking For A Mole Exterminator?

Contact us today to schedule a mole removal visit! Mole Patrol handles mole removal in and near Seattle, Washington. For more information on the areas we service, click here.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve



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