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Beginning the Ground Mole Extermination Process

To Catch a Mole, We Start by Surveying Your Property

Upon receiving a 'Request for Service', a technician will arrive within 7 business days. No appointment is necessary as we do not require that anyone be home.

When our professional technicians first visit your property, we efficiently evaluate your property’s size, location, and landscape setting, taking into consideration if it is bordered by woods or wetlands.  Our technicians are experts at getting rid of moles because they anticipate the behaviors, routines, and biologic needs based on observations of your property and the surrounding landscape.

Evaluation of Ground Mole Activity

During the property survey, we search and evaluate all signs of mole activity, including any evidence that they are moving between your property and neighboring properties. Our professional technicians use this survey and evaluation to formulate your customized mole extermination plan, focusing on where the mole activity appears to be most recent.

Installation of Mole Extermination Equipment

With your mole extermination plan formulated, we begin installing equipment within minutes of arriving at your property. Our professional technician places our industry proven equipment near the most recent activity and probable source of destruction. Each device is covered and staked to keep it secured and safely away from children and pets.

Ground Moles Tearing Up Your Yard and Garden?

Mole Patrol technicians are experts at putting an end moles. Contact us today to schedule a mole extermination visit in or near Seattle, WA. For more information on the areas we service, click here.

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Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve



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