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Getting Rid of Your Ground Moles

Ground Mole Extermination

After your customized extermination plan is deployed and our professional technician leaves your property, equipment is in place and ready to put an end to our ground mole activity and destruction. Our technician returns every 5-10 days to check the equipment and evaluate any ongoing mole activity.

Mole Equipment Adjustments

If the ground moles on your property haven't been eliminated as a result of the first setup, our professional technician may adjust the configuration and/or location to keep mole equipment near the most recent activity.

Disposal of Caught Ground Moles

When a ground mole is caught, our professional technician will bury it in the tunnel system and denote the spot with a marker flag so you can see the results of your mole extermination plan. The ground mole will completely decompose in four to twelve weeks, depending upon weather conditions at the time.

Do You Have Ground Moles In Your Yard or Garden?

Mole Patrol knows how to get rid of moles. Contact us today to schedule a pest control visit in or near Seattle, WA. For more information on the areas we service, click here.

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Areas We Serve



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