The Mole Patrol



Why didn't you catch a mole in my yard?

There are at least 3 reason why we may not catch a mole:

  1. Sometimes a mole will set off the device and escape. The mole is often mortally injured when this happens and it crawls off and dies. Unfortunately for us – lucky for you – we got rid of your mole but we can’t charge you the “per mole” fee if we can’t find the carcass. However, we don’t just assume that the mole crawled off and died. We continue servicing your property until no further mole activity is present.
  2. A predator – such as a raccoon, a coyote, an owl, your dog or your neighbor’s cat – might catch the mole. We have even had raccoons steal our equipment with the dead mole in it. When that happens, we lose our equipment, the mole, and our “per mole” fee.
  3. The mole might just leave your property on his own. This break usually gets an initial sigh of relief followed by ‘What happens if they return?’. We understand this uncertainty and that’s where our 3-month limited warranty comes in.  If your moles return within 3 months of the original invoice date, we return to get them and the setup fee is waived.

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