The Mole Patrol



Is your equipment environmentally friendly and safe around pets and children?

Yes!   We take special precautions to make sure our equipment is environmentally friendly and safe. We pride ourselves on the fact that we DO NOT use poisons or pesticides of any type.  That’s NONE with a capital ‘N’.  This means no harmful exposure to pets and children, no leaching into ground water and contamination of water ways. Okay, what do you do?  We place our equipment in the ground and protect it with hard plastic covers which are then staked down using 6” spikes.  Most dogs just sniff the covers, then ignore them. Cats are pretty much indifferent to them.  Children should be instructed to avoid the equipment – ‘it’s not a new play-thing’. If you have children under 6 years old that will be playing in the yard unattended or you have a pet that likes to dig, let us know and we will take extra precautions.


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