The Mole Patrol



If left alone, how much damage can moles cause?

Moles can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your landscaping resulting in hundreds if not thousands of dollars  in damage.  Based upon your area, property value can decrease as much as 10% due to mole problems.

  • Customers have woken up in the morning and found a front yard full of dirt mounds and uprooted grass.  Some of the mounds more than 18 inches high and 24 inch in diameter.  Moles must eat more than 60% of their body weight per day.  That means they are in a continual feeding frenzy, digging and tunneling everywhere to find food. 
  • The root systems of new and young plants are of particular risk to exposure and damage due to this digging action of moles.  Moles can dig more than 15 feet/hour. 
  • Mole activity can result in uprooting of sprinkler heads and warping of underground water lines.  For some reason, moles prefer to dig along these underground water lines.
  • Moles can also undermine and damage walkways, pavers, stone or brick walls, driveways and other man-made barriers.  This damage may go un-detected initially until rain and weather changes result in uneven settling. 

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