The Mole Patrol



How do I know I have moles in my lawn or flower beds or landscaping?

Mole activity is typically evident by molehills or ground veining and frequently includes both signs. 

  • Molehills can appear in lawns, flower beds, gardens, along fence lines, driveways or sidewalks.  The hills are roughly circular mounds that are 6 to 24 inches in diameter and 2 to 8 inches high. The opening to the tunnel system or burrow is near the center of the mound and typically isn’t visible.  Moles almost always plug openings in their tunnel system if they are in use.  (See photo to right)
Molehills in lawn
  • Like molehills, ground veins or surface runways can appear in lawns, flower beds, and gardens.  They are located one to four inches below the surface and appear as three-inch-wide ridges in the soil.  These ground veins connect with deeper runways that are three to 12 inches below the surface but can be as deep as 3 feet.  (See photo to right)
Ground veins from moles in lawn

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