The Mole Patrol



Is there anything I can do to keep moles out of my yard in the future?

Keeping moles out of your yard would be only slightly easier than keeping squirrels or birds out of your yard. The home remedies of which we've heard are in most part ineffective and some of them will cause even more damage to your lawn than the moles. The commercial treatments have never been proven to work and/or they are more expensive than our service. However, you may be able to temporarily deter new moles by locating and destroying the old tunnel(s) where they entered your yard. This is easier if you have a fence because moles like to tunnel under fence lines and, amazingly, the fence doesn’t even have to touch the ground. The easiest way to destroy these tunnels is to wear a pair of heavy boots and, using the outside edge of the sole of the boot, step down really hard all along the tunnels. Be sure to destroy the tunnels along sidewalks and driveways, also.


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