The Mole Patrol



How do I know that you really caught any moles?

We bury the moles where we catch them and denote the spot with a marker flag. This marker flag is intended as a visual cue for those homeowners who may want to verify that we caught all the moles we say we caught. Keep in mind, these marker flags occasionally go missing due to pets, other wildlife, landscapers, and foot traffic.  If you are going to verify the captures, do so quickly.  Moles have elevated red blood cell levels and will decompose completely in four to twelve weeks, depending on weather and soil conditions.  Also, you’ll need to dig a hole up to one foot deep with a twelve-inch radius around the flag and you may also need to sift the dirt through some sort of a screen to find the mole.  Again, the marker flag is left only as a visual cue for you.  Actual captures are recorded on your service order with each service visit.  If a capture quantity conflict occurs between flags and service order paperwork, the paperwork quantity takes precedence because of the uncontrolled nature of the flags.


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