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What Do Experts Like Consumers Report, Better Homes and Garden, and Bob Avila Say About Getting Rid of Moles?

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Home experts often differ when it comes to mole extermination remedies. When considering online and celebrity advice for mole removal, it is important to understand their suggestions and compare them to the solutions recommended by experienced and expert mole removal technicians.

After all, companies like Mole Patrol have spent decades assessing mole damage and getting to the root of the problem. They're professionals who excel at removing moles on a variety of properties and under extraordinary conditions. So how do online home experts believe you should get rid of your mole problem? And how do they compare to what mole experts recommend?

How Consumer Reports Gets Rid of Moles

Consumer Reports recommends using a variety of products and methods to control your mole problem. To prevent moles from burrowing under certain sections of your garden, they recommend burying mesh hardware cloths below the surface of the ground and 6 inches above the ground. They also suggest the use of castor-oil mixture to act as a mole repellant. This is based on the idea that moles tend to avoid fields where castor beans are planted. They do mention that trapping moles is the only way to get rid of them for good.

How Better Homes and Gardens Gets Rid of Moles

According to Better Homes and Gardens, the only surefire way to get rid of moles is through trapping. Using a mole repellant, poison, fumigant, or other home remedy won't work. They recommend using above and below ground traps for getting rid of these little critters once and for all. Spring and fall are the best times of the year for getting rid of moles since the ground is moist but not quite frozen. In the Pacific Northwest, however, this time of year can be very wet making trapping moles a little difficult.

How Bob Vila Gets Rid of Moles

It seems like Bob Vila also agrees with Better Homes and Gardens view that trapping moles is the best way to get rid of them. He warns that trapping moles isn't easy and is labor intensive. As such, it is often best to call in a professional. If you wish to take on the task of trapping moles on your own, he recommends using a series of mechanized traps.

What do the Mole Experts Recommend?

Mole experts agree that trapping moles is the only way to effectively eradicate them once and for all. It is also the best way to reduce the risk of complications and further damage to your lawn. Save yourself the time and the aggravation and call a mole removal technician immediately. When it comes to mole removal, it is best to let a team of professional mole exterminators handle the job. At the Mole Patrol, we walk every square inch of your property to accurately identify your problem. We then tackle that problem to achieve favorable results quickly.

Think You have a Mole Problem? We Can Help!

At Mole Patrol, our experienced and trained technicians know precisely how to get rid of moles. We use our expertise to eradicate mole problems quickly, so you can get your home and lawn back to beautiful in no time.

Moles are difficult to control in the Pacific Northwest but we can help. If you are dealing with a mole infestation in Bothell, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Bellevue, Woodinville, Sammamish, Kirkland, or Redmond, call the Mole Patrol at 425-744-0371 or fill out our Request for Service form to get started with one of our Seattle area mole exterminators.

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