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Pattern Intel on Mr. Mole

The Mole Patrol
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Most homeowners don’t realize they have a mole problem until they have a serious mole problem. Seemingly overnight, mounds of dirt begin cropping up all over your yard and you may notice surface tunnels or ridges spreading across your lawn. Even one mole is too many, and can destroy thousands of dollars in landscaping very quickly. If left alone, moles can cause a tremendous amount of damage and can reduce your property value by as much as 10%. 

In the Pacific Northwest, however, there could be many critters responsible for your yard damage. Identifying whether you have a mole, a vole, or another type of ground-dwelling animal is critical to getting rid of them. After all, not all extermination solutions will work on moles. You need real professionals with the right equipment to target and eliminate moles specifically.

Pattern Intel on Mr. Mole

Physical Features of a Mole
  • Moles have long tubular bodies
  • They don’t have external ears
  • Their limbs are close to their body
  • Broad forelimbs that make them strong diggers
  • Massive front paws and claws
  • Sensitive muzzle hairs to help them locate food
Characteristics of a Mole
  • They have poor vision and increased sensitivity to light
  • They spend 98% of their time underground
  • Moles are not rodents
  • They are deep diggers that can dig tunnels up to 4 feet underground
  • They’re most active during the spring, summer, and fall
  • Moles can shovel through the ground at more than 10 feet/hour
  • Moles can plug their tunnels within 2-3 seconds
  • Moles can swim well
  • They have a great sense of smell and use it to help them locate food
  • Moles are solitary except during mating season
  • They do not hibernate although they’re not as active in the winter
  • They live underground, so they’re used to a low oxygen environment
  • They will temporarily flee loud noises, but not permanently
Diet of a Mole
  • Pacific Northwest moles are omnivores
  • They will eat grass roots, vegetable roots, slugs, ants, and crickets
  • Earthworms make up to 75% of their diet
  • They eat their body weight every day
  • Moles live a maximum of 6 years

Failure to understand moles and their habits is the main reason why the majority of online home remedies don’t work. For example, many homeowners believe that they can flood mole tunnels with a hose in order to kill moles and deter them from building more tunnels. This is incorrect because moles can swim and they can also block off their tunnels in a matter of seconds. Moles are used to water - especially moles that live in the Pacific Northwest.

Since 1983, we’ve been dedicated to exterminating moles in the Pacific Northwest. We know all of their tricks and we know what works and what doesn’t work. At the Mole Patrol, we know how to get rid of moles. We have taken mole extermination to its highest level and offer a 6-month limited warranty waving the set-up fee should you have a reoccurrence of mole activity. That’s why so many homeowners in the Seattle area count on us to help them reclaim their lawn and garden from moles.

Think You have a Mole Problem? We Can Help!

Controlling moles can be impossible for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest without an experienced mole extermination team on your side. Home remedies don’t work and can actually cause more damage to your yard. If you are dealing with a mole infestation in Seattle, Bellevue, Woodinville, Sammamish, Kirkland, or Redmond, call the Mole Patrol at 425.744.0371 or fill out our Request for Service form to get started with one of our Seattle area mole exterminators.

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