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Native American Mole Mythology

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Folktales and mythology have been a part of every culture throughout the ages. From the Ancient Greeks to Native Americans, these tales have existed whether the people were sedentary, farmers, warriors, or nomadic hunters. Mythology carried extreme importance in the Native American culture and consisted primarily of animal tales interwoven with stories of personal relationships. Today, these stories can offer invaluable insight into the beliefs and customs of the different tribes.

Animals play an important role in Native American mythology. Most burrowing animals, like moles, are often associated with the underworld in mythology, and usually represented death, sickness, and other dark properties. Understanding the role moles played in Native American mythology is not only interesting, but it can also shed some light on our complex history with these underground creatures.

Northern California Tribes

These tribes often viewed mole activity as an omen of illness or death in that home. Some of those tribes included the Chilula, the Hupa, and the Kato.

Pueblo Tribes

Among Pueblo tribes, moles were considered an important medicinal animal and one of the six directional guardians.

Cherokee Tribes

There is an old Cherokee legend called, “Why the Mole Lives Underground.” This legend involves a man who was hopelessly in love with a woman. However, the woman would have nothing to do with him.

As the man was depressed and sad, a mole came along. He found the man in such a low state of mind that he asked the man what was wrong. The man told the mole the whole story. The mole agreed to help him and that night the mole burrowed his way underground to where the girl was in bed and he took out her heart. He returned the heart to the man and told him to swallow it to make the woman fall in love with him.

When she woke, she fell instantly in love with him and they were married. When magicians in the nearby villages heard of what the mole had done, they were jealous and threatened to kill him. So the mole hid underground and has never since dared to return to the surface.

Zuni Tribes

The mole is the guardian of the inner earth. The Hunter God of the lower regions. He is said to protect crops from disease at their roots. He represents awareness and the ability to look inward.

Salish Tribes

There is an old Salish legend called, “Coyote Quarrels with Mole.” In the legend, the Coyote and Mole were married and lived a poor life. After a quarrel, Coyote stabbed Mole with his flint knife and tried to kill her. Mole changed herself into a real mole and burrowed into the ground, faking her death to get away from her enraged husband.

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